Buddy (to Jason): You're suing my team. You're suing my coach. How do you expect me to feel?
Jason: It's your team? It's your team? How about a little compassion, Mr. Garrity? I mean, I am paralyzed now.
Matt: Well, okay, um, what I think what everyone wants to know is, um, is Smash going to play on Friday?
Coach Taylor: What the hell kind of question is that? You're supposed to be helping me out here, Saracen.
Matt: Well, I just thought.
Coach Taylor: Don't be goofy, just ask a normal question. Let's get this over with.
Matt: That's what everybody's been asking.
Matt (to Julie): Look, I'm so sorry. I didn't think...I mean, that guy can talk. Seriously, he doesn't stop talking.
Julie: No, it's cool. You're the big star now, right?
Matt: No, I'm not a big star. I didn't know that... I'm sorry. I thought it would just be like "Hi" and then and then I came back and you…
Julie: Matt, they wouldn't even let me pay for dinner.
Matt (to Julie): Um, did, uh, did you finish your book?
Julie: I did. What'd you do last night?
Matt: Uh, nothing, I, I just you know, I just went out to work and then I went home.
Julie: I saw the calendar.
Matt: Wh...What?
Julie: A bunch of the rally girls were passing around this morning.
Matt: No, see, they totally kidnapped me like... like with Riggins the other night. But nothing happened, so it''s but nothing happened at all.
Julie: Why'd you lie about it?

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