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"Do you mind if we make a stop at the women's low self-esteem palace?"

Tyra - Black Eyes & Broken Hearts

Tyra Collette is a seemingly popular girl with a rebellious streak, and there's never a dull moment when she graces the screen.

She is Tim Riggins' on-again, off-again girlfriend and seems to be one of the only people in the town who doesn't follow football religiously, and is often disdainful of the way the Dillon Panthers are worshiped. She appears to have a passionate dislike towards Lyla Garrity and is furious when she discovers Lyla and Tim slept together.

She has expressed an interest in leaving Dillon, but currently still lives with her single mother; Angela, who has her own set of problems. Tyra has an older sister; Mindy who works as an exotic dancer, and Tyra has shown a knack for using her looks to make a buck or get attention.

Season One Edit

Tyra has taken Julie Taylor under her wing during Season One, much to the dismay of Julie's parents at first. However, Tami Taylor and Tyra forged a bond of sorts at school, with the guidance counselor trying her hardest to help Tyra reach her career ambitions.

Season Two Edit

Late in the year, she friendly with Landry Clarke, despite often showing her open dislike of him in the past. 

Tyra is assaulted an almost raped by a guy while she was waiting for tutoring from Landry in a coffee shop. She struggles and manages to get away. From that moment on her friendship with Landry becomes closer. One day while they are hanging out the guy appears again and assaults Tyra. Landry sees whats happening and hit the guy two times with a shovel. Seeing as the guy is dead they dump him in a lake and tell no one.

Their friendship looks poised to grow as Landry comforted and helped her almost immediately after a stranger at the Alamo Freeze attempted to sexually assault her. Even though Landry confesses to killing the stranger, his relationship with Tyra remains tense.

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