Landry: "I'm thinking about getting a sign that says, 'Landry Clarke, utterly useless, all-state jerk team.'"

Smash: "You're making us look weak. One person fumbles the ball, we ALL fumble the ball! One person shows up half-drunk, we ALL show up half-drunk!"

Tim: "Let's touch God tonight boys. Let's touch God."

Julie: "I don't eat with football players. Oh, and I don't eat with you either."

Jason: "I think everybody loves football."

Tyra: "Really? How interesting...That's SO interesting...I think I'd be hard pressed to remember anything so damn interesting."

Coach Taylor: "Do you remember how to read the coverage? You go out there and you see where their guys are and you see where our guys are. Then you throw the ball to our guys. Stay calm, Do your best....Son, we have a chance to win this game."

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