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Landry Clarke

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Lg fnl 2009 5
Portrayed by Jesse Plemons
First appearance Pilot
Final appearance Always
Gender Male
Age 18
Position TE/K
Residence East Dillon
Significant others formerly Tyra Collette
formerly Jess Merriweather
Parent(s) Chad Clarke
Mrs. Clarke

A somewhat nerdy freshman in Season 1. Best friend of Panthers quarterback Matt Saracen, but wasn't on the football team in Season 1. Joined the team to impress his father in Season 2. He has his own band and is in love with Tyra Collette, who he lost his virginity to. Landry is based on Brian Chavez. Like Chavez, Landry is best friends with the quarterback. Both characters have very good grades and await a life outside of Dillon /Odessa. In Season 4, having been zoned for East Dillon High, Landry makes the team as a kicker and makes the season-ending game-winning field goal against the Panthers. In Season 5, Landry goes off to college at [ Rice University] in [ Houston].

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