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Julie Taylor

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Julie Taylor
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Portrayed by Aimee Teegarden
First appearance Pilot
Final appearance Always
Gender Female
Age 18
Occupation formerly Applebees
Residence Chicago
Significant others Matt Saracen (Fiance)
formerly The Swede
Parent(s) Eric Taylor
Tami Taylor
Sibling(s) Gracie Belle Taylor
Other relative(s) Shelley Hayes (aunt)

The eldest daughter of Tami and Coach Taylor, she was once a young, sweet, studious girl who had no interest in her father's football team or its players. Until Matt Saracen, that is. Over the last three years their relationship developed into something very real, and shaped the young adult she has become. Even though she supported his dream of becoming an artist, Julie desperately feared losing Matt to college. So when he decided to stay in Dillon, it seemed like their love had conquered all. But as she jumps into the murky waters of her senior year, Julie soon realizes her future is far from certain...

Blue and Red are gathered at City Hall to celebrate the revival of the Big Cat Clash. This is it. Coach tells his guys at practice that even if they aren’t as fancy schmancy as the West, they can do this.

“You look around at each other right now and you ask yourselves gentlemen, because it is time, ‘What kind of a man am I?’ Because Friday night… Friday night, there will be a bond formed between and among you that will never be broken. I will not be proven wrong on that.”

Mrs. Coach is practicing her apology letter in the mirror. She can’t stand reading the crap, but Coach tells her she’ll get through it.

Tim and Billy, at home, talk to their lawyer about their options. If they plead guilty to the trafficking stolen merchandise, they could end up with one to five years in jail.

At school, Jess is locking her bike into the rake when Landry comes up and gives her Crucifictorious’ new demo album which includes “Song for Jess.” But oops… “I have feelings for Vince” she drops, “I’m sorry.” Landry walks away.

Julie goes over to the Saracens to asks if Gramma Saracen wants a ride to their house for Thanksgiving dinner. But Gramma Saracen says, well Matt’s here with a rental so she won’t have to drive her. Before Julie can even react, Matt steps out from behind his grandmother.

Later, they go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving and he tells her about Chicago. Julie doesn’t seem interested. “I miss you,” Matt tells her. You know, most people say goodbye to their girlfriends, Julie says. “I had to get out of here,” he replies, “If I tried to say goodbye to you, I never would have left.” He then says he already bought her a ticket to Chicago.

Matt goes to visit Landry. But Landry isn’t too pleased with Matt not calling him either. Or a text. Landry could’ve used a good friend going through losing a beautiful girl and having the Lions hopes all on his shoulders. He slams the door on Matt’s face. “It’s like a girl,” Matt says as he leaves. (Hilarious.)

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