Jason Street was the Panthers star quarterback and Coach Taylor's personal protege. Coach Taylor coached him from junior high through high school. Jason was highly recruited by many schools, but mainly Notre Dame. In just the first episode the producers made it clear that Jason had a seemingly perfect life, he had the perfect popular cheerleader girlfriend in Lyla Garrity and ​a one-way ticket to the NFL. He even had plans with his best friend Tim Riggins after the NFL, to buy and ranch and live in Texas forever. This slogan "Texas forever" becomes very important in the show mainly in Tim and Jason's relationship. In the first game of his senior season, he throws an interception, is the only panther who can make the tackle and was mad at himself for throwing the interception and lays a huge hit on his defender causing him to fumble but it also breaks his neck at the C7 vertebrae. Jason becomes paralyzed and his life starts to fall apart slowly. Lyla visits him every day in the hospital and is positive and telling him that he will make a full recovery. This starts to annoy him and he snaps at her. Tim didn't go see Jason in the hospital at all and starts to blame himself even though he was on the other side of the field. On her way driving home from the hospital, Lyla sees Tim walking home and stops to see if he is okay. This confrontation ends with Lyla kissing Tim. After kissing, Lyla and Tim start to have sex often but soon Jason finds out. Jason ends up making a full recovery of his arms, and regains some movements with his hands. In season 2, he starts to play quad rugby with his new best friend Herc; soon he gets invited to the national try-outs but ends up not making the team. Finally in season three, he has a brief love affair with a waitress and gets her pregnant. This is a miracle he was not supposed to have children. He convinces the girl to keep the baby, but she moves away to New Jersey with her parents because she can't afford to live in Dillion. Soon after, with the help of a old team-mate he lands a entry-level position with a sports agency in New York. After that. Jason is not seen again until the episode perfect record.

In season 5, Perfect Record Jason returns to Dillon and reveals that he and Erin have married and he has been promoted at his job.