Tim: I guess... I guess what I came here to tell you is that Lyla is completely in love with you and always has been and always will be. She's going through hell right now, Street. Hell.
Jason: I'm sure she is.
Tim: People at school are just ripping on her. I mean, she quit cheer. She's losing it. And I know it means probably nothing coming from me, but I thought you should know.
Jason: Well, I'm sure you can help her out with that.
Tami (about Lyla): It was medieval; you know it was like "The Scarlet Letter" or something. Watching that girl walk across the cafeteria and everybody just glared at her.
Coach Taylor: That's high school. At least they didn't burn her at the goal post.
Lyla (to Tim): What are you doing? Don't you know you're sitting with the school slut?
Tim: Let them look, Lyla. I don't care.
Lyla: It's different for girls. You can sleep around all you want and people think you're cool. I make one mistak and it was a mistake. Tim, you're making it worse. You can't be here.
Tyra (to Tim): What the hell was that?
Tim: What are you talking about?
Tyra: Sitting with Lyla in the cafeteria. Don't you know you're just making this worse for her?
Tim: Yeah, she kind of just mentioned that.
Tyra: Then why don't you stay away from her, then?
Tim: Stay out of it.
Tyra: You're in love with her. Yeah.
Jason: Hey.
Lyla: Hi.
Jason: I have nothing to say to you. Don't come back here.

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