Matt (to Julie): Do you want me to walk you to the door or something?
Julie: Are you kidding me, my dad's gonna kill you if he sees you. Where are my keys?
Matt: Julie, I love you.
Julie: Uh, what?
Matt: I love you.
Julie: Um… um. Me, too. I love you too. I'll call you later.
Matt: Ok, bye.
Matt (to Julie): So, you wanna maybe try and study again in the…
Julie: I think we should have sex.
Matt: Morning.
Julie: Well, I think it's time, don't you think? (Matt shakes his head yes) Yeah, me too, so um, let's get on that. Good night.
(Tami speaking to Matt from her car)
Tami: Hey, Matt.
Matt: Hi, Mrs... Mrs. Coach.
Tami (to Julie): Are you and Matt Saracen having sex?
Julie: No. We're thinking about it.
Tami: You're thinking about it. Are you thinking about pregnancy? Are you thinking about sexually transmitted diseases?
Julie: Well, I mean obviously. That's why he's buying condoms.
Tami: Oh, I see, so you're just buying condoms and then when you buy condoms that just makes you ready to make love to somebody.
Julie: (smiles) Making love?
Tami: Don't do that. Don't you smirk at me right now, I am very upset. You are not allowed to have sex. You're fifteen years old.
[Julie and Matt are making out]
Julie: Does it just smell like wet dog?
Matt: You know what, let's not do this.
Julie: Nnnnn... no, nnn-no, I told you I want to.
Matt: Nnnn.. no, you really don't and that's ok because we don't have to.
Julie: We...we don't.
Matt: No, we just hang out or uh, eat or I don't know, whatever.
Julie: Really.
Matt: Yeah, but don't touch me right now. Just give me a minute, please.
Coach Mac: Uh, you know that uh, camera that we got from Boosters.
Coach Taylor: Yeah.
Coach Mac: It's missing.
Coach Taylor: What do you mean it's missing?
Coach Mac: Can't find it.
Coach Taylor: That's a three thousand dollar camera. You better find it.
[Tim walks into the house after finding the camera]
Walt: I...I was gonna take that back, I swear.
Tim: I defended you, Dad.
Walt: Timmy, this is no big deal.
Tim: No, it is and you know that. I want you to leave. Get out.
Walt: Ok, you see how easy this is. Just watch this. (leaves)

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