Tim (to Jason): I miss you, Street.
Jason: Where the hell you been?
Tim: You know. Around.
Smash: Hey! Hey! Hey! It's going down tonight! The Panthers ain't even began to fight! Look, they wanna trash our locker room, we fittin' to hit them with a sonic boom! The Panthers gonna have the last laugh, 'cause we breakin' our foot up in they…
Coach Mac: You think I want your job, right? Well, you're damn right I do. 'Cause the way I see it you're sitting in my chair. But I'll never do anything to hurt these kids. I want to win just like you do. These are my boys too. So you pull it together, got me?
Tyra: Just a bunch of overheated jocks, too dumb to know they have no future, fighting over a game that has no meaning in a town from which there is no escape.
Voodoo: I'm not here to make friends. This ain't my home. This ain't my school. It never will be.
Coach Taylor: Yeah?
Voodoo: I don't like the food here, the music, the weather. I can definitely do without everybody going on and on about the great state of Texas. I'm here to get noticed, get recruited and get my ass to LSU. And you? You just trying to scrape by. Trying to win some games, keep your job. You and me are an arranged marriage. Nothing more. Now you seen what I can do. You wanna start Saracen, you go right ahead.
Coach Taylor: You know what I heard once? I heard that a daughter is supposed to be a comfort and a blessing to her father.
Julie: Texas isn't even a state. Technically it's a Republic. It be nice to live somewhere that's actually a part of this planet.

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