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As if the stress of the playoffs wasn't enough, now the Panthers are playing a televised game, after being chosen as the high school game of the week. Tyra finds herself in a dangerous situation, after Cash shows his true self. A college coach wants to meet with Riggins, but he has to decide if he wants to go or not.


Billy: I was gonna name my first born Timmy. I mean that. Even if it was a girl.
Tim: (Lifts his shot glass) No regrets.
Billy: No regrets.
Both down their shots.
Tim: Ugh, that didn't sit right. Beer me right now. Beer it!

Coach Taylor: (giving a half-time pep talk) Y'all want to end this season? Pack your bags and go know where the door is. Otherwise I suggest you wake up, get your heads in this game. This defense is not gonna carry this team all night long. This offense has got to execute, or else I'll guarantee you our season ends tonight. Understood? I can't hear you.

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