Smash (to his mother): You move us to Dillon to get us out the ghetto, or to get us away from Dad?
Mrs. Williams: You don't know what you're talking about.
Smash: No, I really want to bring it up. Like we.. we should talk about this.
Mrs. Williams: You need to shut your mouth.
Smash: Mama, I'm serious...
Mrs. Williams: Take your smart mouth and your plate and get away from my table. You don't talk to me like that.
Landry: You know I'm...I'm really thrilled about the idea of being left alone with your grandmother at night. You know how I feel about the whole situation.
Matt: Landry, my grandma is not a witch. Okay, she's just not.
Lyla (to Jason): I'm sorry. There are no words that can ever express that, but I am so sorry. Please. (starts crying)
Jason: Did you have sex with him? How many times?
Lyla: Jason, please.
Jason: Oh, come on, how many? You can go.
Tami: It's becoming a thing. I mean, it's a thing. And you know what thing it is, it's that thing that we always knew was going to happen to our little girl. It's that thing—that thing's happening now.
Coach Taylor: Well, at least she's not interested in a serial killer or one of the Riggins. I've got the keys. Come on honey, let's go!
Lyla: I lost Jason.
Buddy: What?
Lyla: I was unfaithful, Daddy.
Buddy: Well. We all make mistakes, and we...we grow up, but you're my little girl. You're my daughter and I want you to always remember that.
Lyla: You've never left a game before.
Buddy: It's only a game. You're my daughter.

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