Coach Taylor (to Jason): Hey.
Jason: Hey, Coach
Coach Taylor: How you feeling?
Jason: Well, I'm, uh, not feeling too much right now. (laughs weakly)
Billy Riggins: I saw that tackle, little brother. I saw him hit that turf. Tell you what I think. He's talking about wanting to play football. He ain't ever gonna walk again.
Coach Taylor (to Matt): Saracen. I need you to work a little bit harder. You need to learn this offense, son. You need to know this offense in your mind, in your body. You need to know this offense so well that your children are gonna know this offense in their own DNA. Do you understand me? Do you understand?
Matt: Yes, sir.
Coach Taylor: All right, go on.
Smash (to Tim): I seen my granddaddy make better blocks playing checkers.
Tim: Yeah, if you could run as fast as you talk we'd probably score every play. That's fact.
Smash: Look, you got something; you got something to say to me.
Tim: You need to start getting behind my blocks, right behind me. I can't keep doing all this.
(Smash and Tim start pushing and shoving each other)

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