Erin Street was a waitress on Jason Street's date off of an internet site. She helped Jason escape from the date when it went wrong. Jason and Erin ended up spending the night together and having sex. Although meant to be a one night stand, Erin later returns to Jason pregnant with his child. Unsure of how she was going to be able to take care of the child, she informs Jason of her plans to have an abortion. Jason protests, scared this baby may be his only chance at having any children. He convinces Erin to keep the baby and when the baby is born, he is named Noah. Jason and Erin run later run into financial troubles trying to take care of Noah with two low paying jobs. Jason buys a Buddy Garrity's house with Herc and the Riggins brothers to flip and make a profit. Erin is forced to move back east to New Jersey with Noah to live with her parents.

Jason attempts to get a job in New York and move east to be with Erin and Noah.

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