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Buddy Garrity

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Buddy Garrity
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Portrayed by Brad Leland
First appearance Pilot
Final appearance Always
Gender Male
Age Late 50's
Position Dillon High
East Dillon High
El Fuego
Radio Personality
Occupation formerly Buddy Garrity's Automobiles
Buddy's Bar
Owner & Operator
Residence Dillon
Significant others Pam Garrity (divorced)
formerly Angela Collette
Child(ren) Lyla Garrity
Tabby Garrity (estranged)
Buddy Garrity Jr. (estranged)
Sibling(s) Gary Garrity

Buddy Garrity is Dillon Panthers football. He lives and breathes it more than anyone, and his passion is infectious as he leads the boosters in raising money and town spirit for his former high school team. Though his big ideas for the team both help and hinder Coach Taylor, it's impossible to stay upset with him for very long. He has three kids with his ex-wife Pam, but it's his oldest, Lyla, who is his pride and joy. After losing her college fund on a bad investment, he nearly cost her her dream of attending Vanderbilt University. After securing funding though, he won her forgiveness and sent her off to find her future outside of Dillon.

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